Aspen Ideas Festival, June 22 - July 1, 2017

"A Closer Look at the Issues and Opportunities Outside AMERICA¹s URBAN CORES"

Molly Hemstreet will be speaking on a panel moderated by NPR's Special Correspondent, Melissa Block as part of the


Unsettled by slow — if any — income growth, unnerved by the pace of technological change and disruption about which they have little control, and unhappy with the fixes that have been presented at home and abroad, people across the map are on edge. And rightly so. While income gaps are more pronounced today than perhaps any other time in history, technology and innovation — drivers of economic growth — are seen to swallow traditional jobs. The future of work is uncertain and populist anger has reached a fever pitch. Are we innovating, trading, and educating ourselves out of jobs? Will we make things in America again? What is next for the US economy? In this track, we will examine the opportunities that the “next economy” presents, debate the policies that could stimulate investment and job growth, and showcase the ideas that could put America back to work.