How do we reuse waste from our local manufacturing companies in a way that creates jobs and betters our community?


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We are developing a circular economy that creates consistent, sustainable products by transforming industrial waste into new, marketable products - all within 75 miles!

We are a membership based innovative textile service that solves your industrial waste problems while exemplifying environmental values and keeping industrial waste from the landfill.

Together we have created a pick-up process and local aggregation site to quote, weigh and service the companies in our area. By working with us you will join in telling this story, as we shape a new future of manufacturing for our region. A future that will interest and excite a new generation of consumers and workers!

This effort is currently led by a group of early adopters who see the need to:

  1. Create more efficient businesses

  2. Develop products that can go back into their supply chain and

  3. Invest in building a healthier community

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