We are creating a circular economy to develop the highest concentration of green manufacturers and 360º products in the US.


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How do we reuse waste from our furniture and textile cluster in a way that creates jobs and betters our community?

Our vision is to have the highest concentration of green manufacturers and 360 products on the planet.

The Material Return project creates consistent, sustainable products by transforming industrial waste streams into brands that are purposeful and marketable.  

Engaging with this membership based organization helps solve the industrial waste problem facing WNC and provides the systems, logistics and infrastructure required to make repurposing of industrial waste easy and profitable.   

This effort is currently led by a group of early adopters who see the need for solving waste stream issues to:

  1. Create more efficient businesses

  2. Develop products that can go back into their supply chain and

  3. Invest in building a healthier community

Our Partners

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For information about Material Return contact Bob Carswell at bob@theindustrialcommons.org.

The Industrial Commons