A vibrant manufacturing sector is key to a thriving Western North Carolina, and everyone has a role to play, from the CEO to the person on the shop floor.

By creating workplaces where people want to stay and thrive, we help companies attract and retain workers.


Our Process

At The Industrial Commons, we believe that there is a lot of untapped knowledge in our workforce. We guide companies to leverage the front-line ideas that create a work environment where workers are excited to come to work. We help you implement improvements for everyone who works there. You'll retain and attract amazing employees and, ultimately, increase the bottom line. 

Once we have the commitment from top leadership, we:

  • Form and train worker committees
  • Assess the organization
  • Design a robust, flexible system
  • Launch the pilot phase
  • Implement adjustments and improvements
  • Launch the full scale program


Together we identify your best talent and engage them in deeper problem solving. We help you set up systems that motivate and reward workers to share ideas and solutions for ways to improve the company. Imagine everyone coming to work motivated to tackle the challenges that lie in front of them. 

Give us just 1 year and we will show you what is possible when you invest in your people.

  • 3 month design process with key managers, workers and owner(s)
  • 3 month pilot phase with an assessment  /adjustment period
  • 3 month launch and implementation period
  • 3 month reflection, improvement and evaluation



Join us on a tour and discover how worker empowerment builds better companies! We have strong relationships with some of the best employee-owned companies in our region and they have a lot to share. Let us help you use their wisdom and experience in growing a highly-engaged workforce.

 Aaron Dawson | Workplace Development Manager

Aaron Dawson | Workplace Development Manager

 Franzi Charen | Worker Ownership Practitioner

Franzi Charen | Worker Ownership Practitioner


Let us help you create the best place to work!  

For more information on our Workplace Development Program or Employee Ownership Tours please contact aaron@theindustrialcommons.org.

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